What question would you like to ask Steve Ballmer? (Part II)

This has been interesting.

At the very end of last week, I put out a call for questions to ask Steve Ballmer this week on the eve of the Windows 7 launch. Encouraged to note that I ended up with a really good selection of questions, as well as an entertaining handful of obscene, scatological, ribald or just generally cheeky ones (as expected).

I've arbitrarily chosen a small handful of the best questions, tweaked the wording slightly, where needed (mainly just editing for length), and created a mini Twitter poll to help pick the final question.

The candidate questions are:

  1. Many felt the Vista launch was not your finest marketing moment. Have you made a conscious effort to market Win7 differently?
  2. What is the primary goal for Win7 - where does this OS fit in Microsoft's overall strategy?
  3. Which features in Win7 will best combat the Mac OS and which features go way beyond your competition?
  4. The transition from XP to Vista was a very steep learning curve for the average user. Will the shift to Win7 be as big?
You can vote at the poll over here.

Voting closes at 07:00 Eastern Time tomorrow morning, October 20th.

The question with the most votes will be included in a special one-on-one interview with Mr. Ballmer himself later this week. (No, I'm not doing the interview myself - this is a kind of proxy interviewing thing).

BTW - if, on reading the questions, you think you could come up with something even better, feel free to email or leave me a comment here. Who knows...