Tribune Company laughs all the way to court

This is not quite the follow-up announcement I would have expected.

Last week, the storied Tribune Company empire - publishers of the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune - announced that they were filing for Chapter 11 protection in order to restructure their $12.9 billion debt.

Yesterday - Monday, December 15th - they issued a bizarre news release about the appointment of a new "Chief Revenue Officer," with an inappropriately jokey fifth paragraph.

Announcing that Ed Wilson, current head of Tribune Broadcasting, would be adding a second business card with this additional role as the parent company's new CRO, the release adds:
Known for his ability to work long hours on little sleep, Wilson also will man the night-owl shift at the Starbucks down the street from Tribune Tower. "With this third job, I'll have access to free coffee," Wilson said, "which means I'll have the stamina and energy for my two jobs at Tribune -- and I'll contribute a portion of my Starbucks' paycheck to the company as a way of kick-starting new-revenue generation."
This is characteristic Zell-era Tribune style, btw. They've included goofy stuff like this in their releases in the past. Their boiler plate even says: "At Tribune we take what we do seriously and with a great deal of pride. We also value the creative spirit and are nurturing a corporate culture that doesn't take itself too seriously."

But seriously - where's their sense of decorum? You're standing witness to the steady death of the once-mighty, 160-year-old Chicago Tribune - have you no sense of propriety?

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(P.s. Yes, I will be posting a proper HoHoTO related post shortly. Just had to get this small rant off my chest first.)