Best SEO Geek Holiday Greeting EVAH

Just got a tiny little email message from my friends at Media Experts.

Here's the message, in its entirety:

From: Happy Holidays [mailto:HappyHolidays@mediaexperts.com]
Sent: December-19-08 4:28 PM
Subject: A Holiday Greeting from Media Experts / Un message pour les fetes de Media Experts

Search for the true meaning of the holidays.
Go to Google.ca and enter your name…

Cherchez le vrai sens du temps des fêtes.
Allez à Google.ca et inscrivez votre nom…

...and so I did.

Here's a screen shot of what you get (below) and here's a link to the search itself (may not produce the same results on all systems). Click the screenshot for a full-size view, and check out the "sponsored link" a the top of the search results.

Media Experts pwns my name. Genius!

OK, so their database app b0rked my name a little. Systems (and many humans) always choke on my apostrophed and double-barrelled-but-not-hyphenated name. Doesn't bother me any more. Especially not when the implementation in this case is just so damn clever.

Bravo, Media Experts. Well played.