Where I Am From - by Charlie

Another quick drive-by post, slipped in between the long bouts of writing.

Yesterday was the kids' last day at school. For the last few days, they've been shipping home giant bags full of project work completed over the course of the year. Leafing idly through Charlie's pile of stuff while on the phone, I came across a folder titled "Charlie Autobiography".

The entire work is a thing of absolute joy, guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes and a lump to the throat - for his parents, at least. I'd love to get the whole thing scanned and up onto Charlie's blog at some point, and I will do when time (and Charlie) permits. For now, here's one quick taste of the piece.

At the front of the Duotang binder, right after the wonderful illustrated title page, Charlie has inserted a short poem, written at some point in the past school year. I know I'm in danger of gushing with parental pride here, but seriously - he wrote this at age 10:

Where I Am From

I am from Mississauga,
Where none of my family was born,
But where my parents first lived in Canada.

I am from Canada,
But the rest of my family is Irish,
I smell the soda bread baking
While the fiddle music plays.

I am from a family of 5,
My Mom, my Dad, my sister,
And a brother who looks up to me,
His big brother.

I am from a love of soccer,
Passed to me by my Dad, from England,
Where they play all day long.

I am from wanting to be looked up to,
To be known around the world,
To be talked about for many years.


I have a feeling you will be, Charlie mate. You will be.