Praying for Doc

I'm not a very good Catholic, not even a terribly good Christian. It's hard for me to find the faith some days under all the doubt. Fleeting moments when I feel it; great long arid stretches of time when the inner skeptic is winning. I try.

So whether the prayers of a skeptical Catholish optimist will amount to a hill o' beans, who knows - but I'm fervently offering them up tonight as they're all I've got.

My old friend, inspiration, and blogfather, Doc Searls, is in hospital right now, fighting pancreatitis brought on as a miserably unlucky side-effect of an ERCP examination.

How he got there is a long story, which you can read back through his recent blog posts to piece together. In short: he's not well.

The good news is that he's managing to blog from his hospital bed - and not just stuff about the various tests, diagnoses, symptoms, and other indignities he's suffering through.

A couple of days ago he posted one of the most thought-provoking pieces on the state of the 'Net I've read in a long time - proving that his mental capacity has been in no way dimmed by his body's debility.

Reading stuff like this from Doc, or his contributions to the Cluetrain Manifesto, essays such as World Of Ends, his Linux Journal articles, his scores of blog posts, or any of the fantastic (and still remarkably relevant) pieces archived in the Reality 2.0 category at Searls.com - I'm struck by what an immeasurably dumber place the world would be without him.

It's fitting that one of the world's leading advocates for keeping the Internet stupid (in a good way) is one of the most luminously intelligent people we have on the side of light.

So get well soon, Doc. We need those neurons firing for a good few years yet.