Jesse Brown comes to Third Tuesday: searching questions for the host of Search Engine

We're big fans of the CBC Radio One show Search Engine here at TFC, and of the host, Jesse Brown's, dry wit.

So I'm absolutely tickled that Jesse has agreed to be our guest for what will be the last of the 07-08 season of Third Tuesday Toronto meetups (before we go on hiatus for the Summer months).

Here's the writeup we posted to the main Third Tuesday page:

Jesse Brown is the host and one of the producers of the CBC Radio One show Search Engine. A journalist and humourist, Jesse has worked in many different forms of media, including print, television, and radio.

Since its launch in September, 2007, Search Engine has won praise from followers of Internet culture, in Canada and worldwide, and has attracted a thriving, engaged community of listeners with an interest in the social, political, and cultural impact of technology.

Designed as a collaborative, open source radio show, Jesse and his colleagues at Search Engine utilize the show's blog to communicate and collaborate with listeners. The radio stories feed off of opinions or information gleaned from listener commentary, and feature stories on the show typically spill over into healthy, sometimes heated discussion in the blog comments. Jesse also openly encourages listeners to suggest improvements and changes to the show itself, and continues to tune the show format based on listener feedback.

Jesse broke into media at the age of 17 by founding a city-wide underground student newspaper. He was honoured by Ryerson University with their Udo award, "for noteworthy contributions to the field of Journalism," and remains the youngest recipient in the award’s history. His radio program The Contrarians ran as a summer replacement series on CBC Radio One. His satirical column The Experiment ran for two years in Saturday Night Magazine and won a National Magazine Award for Humour.

Come out and hear Jesse speak about the ideas behind Search Engine, the power of the community, and the future of open source broadcasting.

I'm particularly grateful to Jesse for agreeing to do this session, as he'll be fresh back from a flying visit to China, reporting on the "Great Firewall" for the CBC.

If you haven't hooked into Search Engine yet, I can highly recommend it. Along with Spark, Ideas, All Things Considered, and Quirks & Quarks, it has fast become one of my favourite radio shows - and one of the select few podcasts I always listen to. You can get the podcast or listen online, here.

The audience for our Third Tuesday events in Toronto has been growing strongly over the past few months, so sign up now if you're interested, before all the spaces are filled.

We're meeting at Fionn McCool's, 181 University Avenue (entrance around the corner on Adelaide), starting at 6:00 next Tuesday, June 17th.

And if you can't make it in person, but have questions you'd like to put to Jesse, drop a note in the comments, below.

It's terrific to see how Third Tuesday has grown in the space of just 20 months. There are Third Tuesday events running from coast-to-coast, in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and now even New Brunswick. (Next season, we really need to look to the Prairies, I guess...). I think a big part of the success is the simple fact that these are all free events, pulled together by enthusiastic volunteers.

Of course, we wouldn't be able to keep Third Tuesday growing without the support of the sponsors too, so a quick and entirely justifiable plug for our friends at CNW Group is in order. They've been our national sponsor for the whole of this past season, and we're immensely grateful for their support in covering the hard costs of the sessions.

Hat tip, also, to Third Tuesday Montreal sponsor, Massy Forget , and Third Tuesday New Brunswick sponsors, Radian6 , propelSJ , YourTeam Online and Evolving Solutions. Thanks to all of you for supporting the community.