The business card I'm just too polite to create

I keep getting these promo messages from Streetcards, trying to entice me to order a new set of Blogcards at super, extra discounted prices.

I’m very happy with my Thornley Fallis cards, and not convinced I really need or want to restock my old Blogcards, thanks.

They can be fun to hand out at bloggy meetups. And they were kind of useful back in the summer of ’06, when Jeneane Sessum, Chris Locke, and I put together the world’s first (and shortest-lived) Gonzo PR Agency, just so that we could help launch one product on the unsuspecting American masses. On a whim, I'd ordered a batch of Blogcards with the name of our virtual agency - damn skippy - and I've still got a few of them lying around.

On the commute home the other night, I thought of a new card I would like to create, though. Except that I'd be far too chicken to ever actually use it.

Still, the idea's not doing any good rattling around the back of my head. Best I purge it and offer it up to anyone who's feeling snarky enough to do something with it.

Picture yourself stepping off a crowded subway car, and passing one of these to the stranger next to you, just before the doors close, parting you forever...

(click for biggy version)