Mesh 08 - Social Media and The Enterprise

Turns out that this will be my third year not just as attendee, but also as on-stage participant at the Mesh Conference.

The guys asked me to moderate a session on Thursday afternoon on "Social Media and the Enterprise", which sounds like a really good fit for the kind of thing my day job involves these days, so I was more than happy to say yes.

Here's the session description:

Corporate communication certainly hasn't gotten any easier. "Media" used to be a defined thing, and people broadly knew the rules. But in the age of social media, blogs, comments, reviews, ratings, friends, groups, videos, etc., etc. - well, it's a brave new world. Learn as top communication and marketing experts Natalie Johnson from General Motors USA, Chris Reid of Yamaha Motor Canada and Jenny Bullough of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. share their stories and practices in taking their organizations' communications and relationships online.

Note that this is social media and the enterprise, as opposed to in the enterprise - which gives us a nice broad scope to work with. We're not just talking about wikis inside the firewall, but get to dig into what GM, Yamaha and Harlequin have been doing in the wider social media world both externally and internally.

Here's some of the questions I'm thinking of posing to kick the conversation off tomorrow. If you can think of others I should add - drop me a comment, email, or tweet:

  1. Why should enterprises adopt social media?
  2. Can a large enterprise actually be social – or is “enterprise social media” an oxymoron?
  3. Where have you deployed social media in your organization (inside or outside the firewall)?
  4. What have you learned from listening to the crowd?
  5. According to a recent comprehensive AIIM study, 44 per cent of organizations identified Enterprise 2.0 as “imperative” or “significant” to their goals. Despite this, nearly three-quarters also said they had a vague familiarity at best of what exactly the catch-phrase means. Discuss.
  6. What policies have you implemented to manage the adoption and use of social media tools by your employees?
  7. What advice would you have for large enterprises scared about submitting to the social media soup?