Ray Davies At The Danforth Music Hall

Through a kind friend, I've managed to score two free tickets to see the legendary Ray Davies tomorrow night (Thursday, April 3rd) at the old Music Hall on the Danforth.

Leona can't make it, alas. Long story. Trouble is, at such short notice, none of my friends seem able to make it either (either that or I just truly am Billy No-Mates).


I don't want to miss this, but I don't really want to go on my own. As a bit of a last resort, I thought I'd try the blog route.

If you're in Toronto tomorrow night, interested, willing to endure a couple of hours of my company (or, rather, in Ray's company, with me just happening to be in the seat beside you), and you're not some creepy weirdo who would scare me - fire me an email (michaelocc AT gmail DOT com) and I'll let you know if the spare ticket's still going.

It's either that, or I'll be sat there humming Waterloo Sunset all on me lonesome.

"Sha la laaaaaa..."

UPDATE: We have a winner! Ticket now taken. Yay!