The PICK 20 Awards from Backbone Magazine & KPMG

Now that the dust is settling on the judging process, I have a moment to blab about my participation in this terrific awards program being run by KPMG and Backbone Magazine.

The PICK 20 Awards are designed to result in Canada's first and only ranking of Canadian Web 2.0 pioneers. From the original description the Backbone chaps sent me a month or so ago:

We're looking for the companies who are leading the way in one or more of the following implementation categories:
  1. Problem solving: customer response, idea generation, solution brainstorming
  2. Innovation: crowdsourcing, market prediction, participatory feedback
  3. Collaboration: jams, customer input, user rankings
  4. Knowledge sharing and management: teamware, wikis, blogs and collaborative content creation
I was honoured to be asked to participate as a judge in this program, and absolutely stunned by the quality of the nominees. I'm not allowed to actually name any of the nominees, alas (for perfectly good reasons), but this has been an absolutely fascinating and enlightening experience. I knew we had some amazing home-grown Web 2.0 talent in Canada, but reviewing the work of the nominees has proven inspirational. Canada rocks!

The winners don't get announced until the July edition of Backbone hits the stands. I can't wait to see where my favourites end up in the final tally.