Not exactly the Friday evening Ruairi had planned

We got home about 90 minutes ago from Toronto East General Hospital, after four hours of hanging around, X-rays, and examinations.

I was just on my way home when Leona called with the news that Ruairi had come down badly on the trampoline and hurt himself. He landed hard with his arm underneath him and his wrist bent back on itself. Ouch!

It looks like he may have what they tell me is a "SALTR-1" - that is, a type I Salter-Harris fracture of the radius bone in his right wrist (it's a crack through something called the growth plate at the very end of the bone). They won't really know for sure until an orthopaedic specialist has taken a good look at the X-rays and at his wrist once it comes out of the temporary cast next week.

It was Ruairi's idea to take the photo, btw. He's obviously in quite a lot of pain, but at the same time he's quietly excited about being the first member of the family to have a cast, and he wanted to make sure we got a photo with the new camera.

Poor little man. He's a brave one, our Ruairi - even turning his wrist for the X-rays was clearly agony, but he toughed it out. No more trampoline for a while, I guess.

[UPDATE: Many people have asked and I've been slack about reporting the news. It's very, very good news. After a visit to the fracture clinic, I'm thrilled to report that Ruairi was given a clean bill of health. The temporary cast is now off, and our little man is now bouncing with health and energy once again. It was a really bad sprain, but not - thank God - a fracture. Hooray!]