Coleman Engellenner is a genius

Through a very happy accident, I bumped into this bloke Coleman Engellenner online a couple of weeks ago.

Coleman is a creative ad guy at Apollo Interactive in California, but that's not important right now.

As a sideline, and to keep his creative juices flowing, Coleman writes a weekly mini email zine: The Coleman Media Report. It's kind of like an "Onion" for the advertising and interactive business. Alas, you won't find it online - it's email only right now.

This is lovely stuff. If you've ever made the mistake of signing up for any of those MediaPost emails, or even if you've just been hanging around online for any time at all, Coleman's weekly wit is a breath of fresh air.

With Coleman's permission, here's the latest edition:

The ColemanMedia Report

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Niche Social Networks Outnumber Niches

With last week's launch of MyStarbucksIdea.com, Comscore Media Metrix reports that niche social networks now well outnumber actual niches within the human race. According to Comscore, the launch of 873 niche social networking sites last month eclipses the potential number of measurable human interests by more than 3 times. Not all media planners are excited about the potential to pinpoint target these new groups. "What the hell was wrong with MySpace and Facebook?" asked online media buyer Ceci Lisbon. "Now I have to take sales calls from FurryFriends.com?"

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Study: iPhone Users Way Cooler Than You

A new Consumer Attitudes study by the PeeYoo Center For Life has confirmed that users of Apple's iPhone are in fact much, much cooler than users of any other type of handset. The study revealed that not only are iPhone users much smarter, smugger, and better-looking than non-iPhone users, but are also 37.9% more likely to answer a difficult question while dining out and 74.2% more likely to huddle amongst themselves at social gatherings and show off features of their phones. The study also found that Prius drivers are much more environmentally conscious than non-Prius drivers.

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New IT Guy Just As Weird As Last IT Guy

New Systems Admin Specialist Richie Payolini is just as quirky and weird as the "freak" he replaced, according to co-workers close to the situation. While generally thought of as a nice enough guy, Payolini reportedly shares the exact same obsessions with World of Warcraft, comic book conventions, and outdated Reebok sneakers as his last two predecessors. "Where is it written that all IT guys have to ramble on about how great Battlestar Galactica is?" asked a co-worker. "Aren't any of them into sports? Or girls?"

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Agency Advertises To Self, Improves Metrics

After the unsuccessful launch of Burger King's new Double Bacon Kosher Burger, award-winning agency Krispy, Portly & Bogus tried something unheard of and revolutionary: they focused all advertising on themselves. A mix of in-cubicle, email and IM media targeted only to the account team members yielded astonishingly good results - lifting brand awareness, message association and brand favorability over 72%. "It just goes to show you that targeting is everything in advertising," said Al Bogus. "You have to know who you're speaking to.

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See what I mean? I'm sure Coleman would love extra subscribers, but I'm equally sure he wouldn't want me squirting his email address out there into the wild for all to harvest. Drop a comment here or email me and I'll gladly pass you on to Coleman.

And please join me in my campaign to get Coleman Engellenner blogging - this stuff deserves to live online and reach a bigger audience. It's precisely the pin the over-inflated interactive industry bubble needs.