Seven Straight Years of Blogging

In yet another massive outpouring of collaborative indifference, the entire blogosphere was united in a consensus of apathy at the weekend, coming together to collectively ignore the extraordinary insignificance of my seventh Blogiversary.

I've been posting to this thing from March 1, 2001 through to March 1, 2008, almost uninterrupted. That's a lot of words. Some of them even made sense.

We've come so very far in the seven years of my personal social media voyage. Lots and lots of changes. "I have a blog" has gone from sounding funny and vaguely lavatorial, to being almost yawn-inducingly predictable in everyday conversation. Blogs on the cover of Business Week, no less. Who woulda thunk it?

Yet plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Some days, it seems like no matter how much the world embraces the Internet and the ever-expanding blogosphere, people still keep making the same mistakes.

Ack. I'm having a weltschmerz day, for some indefinable reason. Or maybe it's weltwidewebschmerz...

I could try to explain, but it's a long story. If you haven't read @Man recently, refresh your memory now.

And happy Blogday to me.

[UPDATE: Happy 7th Blogiversary also to my friend Brent Ashley, who's wondering whether his blog needs to adopt a greyer theme, now that it's so old. Had no idea this place was just a day older than Brent's]