Dave Winer has a great idea: open podcasts of Presidential candidate press calls

From Scripting News:
They talk about them all the time on the news shows, every day the major Presidential candidates have conference calls with reporters.

It seems much of the real action in the campaign happens here, but we (voters, taxpayers, citizens) have no access.

I listened to an MP3 of one of the calls, with the chief strategist and communications director of the Clinton campaign. It was fascinating, gave me a picture of how the press and the candidates relate that I had never seen before.

Dave is hooked and is trying to find out where he can get more access: "...been asking around, where can I get MP3s of all the conference calls, the day they happen, in full, not spun through the reporters, and so far have come up with nothing."

Dave suggests that the candidates should make the MP3s available as RSS enclosures, so anyone could subscribe to them as a podcast feed. He's even offering to help and host the feed.

I think this is a fantastic idea and would love to see it happen. It's broadly similar, at least in spirit, to the project my cousin Adam has underway, to podcast interviews with every single member of the 30th incarnation of Dáil Éireann, the Irish Parliament. Love it.