It's sort of ironic, really.

When I first started blogging, in early 2001, I was already working on the agency side and very focused on accounting for my time during the day in billable increments. Back then, I'd get pangs of guilt if I took time out to draft blog posts during working hours - knowing that it was not something my employers really understood or saw much value in.

Now, of course, things have changed considerably. I'm happy to be able to say that I work for an enlightened employer who not only understands the merits of blogging - it's actively encouraged as a part of my daily job. The pain is that, of late, I've had precious little time either during the day or at home in the evenings to keep up this thing.

January is always a busy time in this business - new annual PR plans settling into place, new budgets getting confirmed, and lots of new business opps knocking on the door. But I do miss the old blog when I don't look after it for a while. Must try to give it more love in the months ahead - it's hard to explain, but I do feel so much better when I'm blogging than when I'm not.

So. There's a few proper posts in the works, but let's take care of some outstanding business first.

1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to my boss, Joe Thornley. Joe's just had a pretty unpleasant medical incident which, naturally, he has blogged about. Get well soon, Joe. It's weird not having you around.

2. A hearty welcome to two new Thornley Fallis colleagues - Bob LeDrew and Michael Seaton. Two terrific blokes with two great blogs. Great to have these two on the team.

3. Mentioning Bob's "Flacklife" blog reminds me that he and I are in the second round run offs for this year's Canadian Blog Awards.

We've both been nominated in the "Best Business/Finance Blog" category. At the risk of spiking my chances entirely, I'll confess that it feels a little odd to find myself under this heading - I've only ever written one thing here about "Finance", as far as I know (although it's a little thing I'm still inordinately proud of), and while I am indeed in business, I've never really considered this a "business blog" per se. Still - I guess Uninstalled isn't a perfect fit for any of the other categories either.

What ever happens, I'm tickled to have been nominated (for the second year in a row - yay me!), and delighted to find myself in the company of some fine bloggers, including (in addition to the aforementioned Mr. LeDrew) the Canadian Silver Bug, Christian Parsons' Idea Drunk, the excellent Kate Trgovac's My Name Is Kate, a blog I hadn't come across before called Canadian Free Stuff (um... I guess that's about as much as Business/Finance blog as Uninstalled is), and Heath Slawner's particularly fine Major Persuasion.

The voting is open until end of day, January 30th. Good luck to all!