Richard Binhammer @ Third Tuesday Toronto

Just a quick pointer to Dave Fleet's excellent write-up about last night's Third Tuesday event at Fionn McCool's in Toronto. I think Dave does a great job of capturing the essence of Richard Binhammer's informal talk.

Terrific night, IMHO. We had about 75 or so people who kept the conversation flowing with plenty of tough questions about Dell's enthusiastic participation in the social media space. Really good to hear the inside track from such a huge company - Richard's candid insights and anecdotes helped put a human face on the challenges faced by companies the size of Dell in embracing blogs internally and externally.

Uck. I'm starting to sound like one of those newly-minted soshul meejah consultants. Time to shut up. If you missed last night's gig, or even if you were there, just go read Dave's piece.