Third Tuesday Toronto (mezzanine edition)

We're still a couple of weeks away from the next full Third Tuesday session in Toronto, but in the meantime there's a special "nightcap" set up for tonight, November 7th, for any of you soshal meejah-types who might be around.

Renowned Silicon Valley PR blogger, Giovanni Rodriguez, is in town to speak at a Canadian Public Relations Society event tonight (courtesy of Martin Waxman's Palette PR).

Giovanni is one of the original instigators of the Third Thursday PR & marketing meet-up events; the inspiration and model for the Third Tuesday programs now running in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Seems only natural to gather the Third Tuesday crowd to orbit around our primum mobile.

The CPRS event runs from 6-9pm. The informal Third Tuesday schmoozing will start at around 9, and keep going 'till the last people propping up the bar remember it's a school night.

Venue and RSVP details for tonight, and for all Third Tuesday events, here.