Being the Ultimate Account Executive

I've been getting back into the habit of using del.icio.us bookmarking much more often of late.

Not sure why I'd fallen off the del.icio.us wagon, but now that I'm using it more often I find the value keeps creeping up incrementally in unexpected ways. Like most social software, it needs to be worked on for the real value to emerge.

That's not the point of this post, though. Merely a segue into a terrific piece I just re-discovered by trawling back through my old bookmarks.

Leigh Householder, aka Advergirl, keeps an entertaining blog about her adventures inside the advertising business.

A few months back, she put up this post about the "real job description" for any decent Account Executive. Leigh writes from her knowledge of the advertising side of the house, but her counsel is just as valid for anyone in the PR business. I love this post. Inspirational, direct, and right-on-the-money.

Go read it.