Mouths of babes

Ruairi, four and a half, is one wired kid. He has two laptops. Two toy ones, that is.

When our dear friends, the Murrays, moved back home to Ireland recently, they left Ruairi their youngest daughter's groovy little VTech French language trainer laptop.

Earlier today, as Leona was clearing out some of the accumulated junk from our basement and garden shed, Ruairi's other laptop turned up - a silly dollar-store toy that looks like a laptop, but just makes beeps and buzzes and flashing lights.

Ruairi was suitably excited by the thought that he now had two! actual! computers!

Leona pointed out to him that, of the two, the VTech one is actually a real computer. Suitably impressed, Ruairi thought for a second, then asked, in an excited voice:

"So can this one crash?"