David Onley appointed new Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario

I've been a fan of David Onley's work at CityTV and CP24 for a long time now. He's one of the handful of Canadian TV journalists who made a really big impression on me in our first months in Canada - something about his abundant natural charm and welcoming on-air presence really stood out, and I've continued to enjoy his newscasts and the Home Page weekly technology show he hosts on CityTV.

It's both a remarkable surprise and simultaneously not surprising at all to learn that David has just been appointed as the next Lieutenant-Governor for Ontario. This is an outstanding choice, and a huge gain for Ontario.

David has done remarkable work over the years, as a vocal advocate for the causes of people with physical disabilities, and as a truly talented and insightful journalist. He's also a passionate science and technology guy - a passion which comes across so clearly in his technology reporting at CityTV.

He's leaving CityTV in a time of considerable change for the station - as they move across into new ownership following the CRTC's recent ruling on CTVglobemedia's purchase of the CHUM radio and TV network. The future of the Home Page segment is unclear, but whatever happens they'll be very hard pressed to fill the giant hole left by David's departure.

It's only bittersweet to see him go, though - sad for CityTV and for technology journalism in Toronto, yes - but really exciting for the province of Ontario.

You see? The geeks will inherit the earth!

Congratulations, David.