Auction to Help Save McSweeney's

The wonderful, eclectic literary journal and cross-format publishing house, McSweeney's, is in dire trouble.

Hit by $130,000 in bad debt from the bankruptcy of their former distributor, McSweeney's itself is now hurting, big time.

I love McSweeney's. From the first time I encountered founder Dave Eggers' (in his book "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius"), I've enthusiastically followed everything he's been involved in. I've been too stingy to spring for the cost of a subscription to McSweeney's "Believer" magazine, but my friend Josh kindly drops off his old copies in our mailbox while he's out walking the dog. (Hey Josh, btw - when you going to wake up that dusty ol' blog of yours again?). It's terrific stuff.

From Nick Hornby's collected columns to the beautiful way the McSweeney's people breathe new life into old and nearly forgotten classics, I just love the way their adoration of the written word and the tactile beauty of well-produced books shines through in everything they do. It would be simply rotten and miserable to see McSweeney's die.

To help keep them afloat, they're running an auction of some amazing art, music, and literary artifacts at their online store.

They've got original art from Chris Ware, Marcel Dzama, David Byrne, and drawings of Ray Bradbury, Eminem and others from (Drinky Crow-creator) Tony Millionaire. Plus there's a limited-edition CD of some of Nick Hornby's favourite tunes, and loads more.

Centrepiece of the whole auction just might be Dave Eggers' haunting, unpleasant cover painting from Issue 14 of McSweeney's, featuring George Bush as a double-amputee. Not sure I'd care to have that around the house - it's a bit too creepy.

There's plenty of other great stuff at the store, though. Treat yourself, and help keep McSweeney's alive.