Mesh 2007 Conference Schedule Locked and Loaded

With about three weeks to go until the second Mesh Conference, the Gang of Five, have posted the current schedule for the two days of the event. Delighted to be able to blog about this now, as I'm quietly tickled to have made the roster for the second year in a row.

I'm on a panel session at the end of the second day with Stuart MacDonald, Dr. Jones, and Rachel Clarke of JWT New York. I think it's going to be simpler if just call everyone on the panel "Clarke" - save confusion. And we can ask my TFC colleague Chris Clarke to take notes.

Topic of our panel: "Is Fake the New Real? Transparency and Trust"

Should be a hoot. This could be the kind of panel that lends itself well to a social media drinking game, though - you get to take a shot every time one of us mentions Lonelygirl15, Bridezilla, Wal-Mart, Raging Cow, character blogs, or that Sony PSP thing.

The rest of the conference line up is looking great - check it out for yourself. Hope to see you there.