It's a Michael 2.0 world

Kind of appropriate that, on the eve of Mesh - Canada's premier Web 2.0-y event - I was interviewed yesterday for a piece about the enterprise application of social networking and other Web 2.0-type tools. The resulting article is in this morning's ITWorldCanada feed, here: Why companies may want to take advantage of Web 2.0

As is often the case, I was less articulate in my conversation with the journalist, Kathleen Lau, than I'd hoped to be. Thoughts that seemed so crystalline and intelligent before I picked up the phone dissolved into disappointing fuzziness during our discussion. Still, it was generous of Kathleen to quote me several time throughout the body of the piece: proof once again that saying just about anything with a British accent helps to make it sound smarter than perhaps it is.

Meanwhile, I'm busy prepping for tonight's massive Third Tuesday event with our special guests, the Mesh Conference founders. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of CNW Group we've been able to book our biggest and best ever venue for tonight's Third Tuesday.

We kick off at 6pm sharp at Live@Courthouse at 57 Adelaide Street East in Toronto. Registration for tonight's Third Tuesday event is, as always, completely free. We're expecting a great crowd tonight, with a number of Mesh attendees and conference speakers adding to the usual assortment of friends and influencers from the GTA's vibrant social media, PR and marketing scene.

Hope to see you all there.