Everything Is Miscellaneous (still not a review)

A lovely 4.75 hours recovering from the latest hard disk crash on our main Dell laptop. Joy, oh joy.

Thanks to the good backup counsel of Brent Ashley, a call with a helpful Dell service tech, and a good deal of patience, I managed to resist the urge to take this laptop up to the top floor windows and teach it to fly. All is now working again, TG.

While waiting for the machine to restore from backups, I dipped into the opening chapters of David Weinberger's new book.

Still too early to provide any kind of thoughtful response or review, but a thought struck me as I was happily paging through the prologue: David has become, simply, the foremost philosopher of the Internet age.

Every paragraph sets me thinking. So much so that I've found I have to lower the book every now and then, to let my thoughts pursue the path David's words open up. A book that really charges my brain up and sets it running. This is going to be good...