Adam Maguire: Social Media Revolutionary

Bit of a blogdrought the last few days. Sorry about that.

Breaking radio silence for a minute here to report on my fine cousin Adam's excellent efforts to change the way political reporting happens in Ireland.

The Irish Election takes place tomorrow. Traditional broadcast and print media regulations in Ireland mean that there is usually a complete blackout in the day before an election, with politicians mandated to refrain from giving interviews in the 24 hours before a vote.

The broadcasting legislation hasn't kept pace with the Internet, however. The complete moratorium on media interviews in the day before the election doesn't include online and podcast interviews.

So Adam, and a merry group of like-minded Irish freelancers, have been busily running around all day doing interviews with some of the Election candidates, and posting podcasts of the results to a group blog at IrishElection.com


Adam and his friends are also going to be using Twitter to post regular updates of the vote counts all day tomorrow - you can sign up to track the progress by following http://twitter.com/IrishPolitics

Nice to see that the group's blog is currently the top Google-ranked hit for a search on "Irish Election" - there's the SEO power of the blogosphere at work again. Blog, as we all know by now, really stands for Better Listing On Google :-D

[UPDATE: Oh, OK - so I'm understandably rather proud of my excellent cousin - but as Adam points out, full credit for the idea behind the Irish Election blog really goes to Cian O'Flaherty - the guy who runs the site and first asked Adam to contribute. Still - Cian's never bought me pints, so I'm biased.]