Toyota PingBack

Hey Toyota.ca, I love you too!

Don't you just wish, sometimes, that you could immediately pingback inbound links to your blog, to connect with the actual person who visited?

I noticed a recent visitor from Toyota.ca spent almost 15 minutes here, and it made me wish there was some way to reach out and tell them what a big Toyota fan I am.

I think I've raved here in the past about "TC" - my much-loved old Toyota Celica 4WD turbo (long gone, alas - had to give it up when it became too expensive and completely impractical for a three-child family). I'd love for our next car to be a Prius or - more likely - a hybrid Estima minivan. Plus we have a family connection - my sister-in-law (hi Wendy!) works for Toyota in Belgium.

Main point, though, is that this recent inbound link has set me to thinking once more about the emerging opportunity for a real two-way Web. I want person-to-person pingbacks, and I want them now! Kind of like a benevolent version of "Stalkr".

Anyway, hello Toyota.ca person, whoever you were. Thanks for visiting.