Upcoming Events

It's conference craziness for the next few weeks in Toronto, with at least four big events coming up between now and the summer lull.

Next week, I'm on a panel at ICE 2007 discussing "Blogging for Dollars: Monetizing Blogs & Podcasts". Stuart MacDonald is moderating, with Ryanne Hodson, Mark Evans, and Shel Israel
on the panel. I'll be the bloke on the end of the row looking meek and a little overawed. (Shel will also be guest of honour for this month's Third Tuesday (on a Wednesday), as Joe points out).

April brings Webcom 2007 to the UofT convention center. I'm not slated to be speaking at this one, but I'm looking forward to catching up with Jon Husband, Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Kate Trgovac, and finally getting to meet Euan Semple while they're all in town.

Looking deeper into Spring, I'm going to be presenting a session at the IT360 Conference on May 1st. My friend Jai Cole, long-time producer of the Network World and Linux World events, has pulled four mainstream shows in under this new banner. I'm giving a talk titled "
The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum: Managing The Impact of Blogging and Social Software in the Corporate Environment" for an audience of IT professionals and managers. Should be a hoot.

Rounding off the season is the hotly-anticipated Mesh 2.0, where I think I'm going to be co-presenting a workshop session - more details on that shortly.

I'm going to need a new business card file...