Congratulations Cory!

A mighty w00t! to Toronto native Cory Doctorow --author, activist, Internet visionary, teacher, and one of the driving forces behind the always wonderful BoingBoing -- on being honoured by the Electronic Frontier Foundation as one of their Pioneer Award recipients. Outstanding news.

And just how completely geektastic is this: Randall Munroe recently ran this episode of his terrific XKCD webcomic with a good-natured poke at Cory:

(click through to see the original cartoon full size)

So when Cory turned up at the event to accept his award from EFF Legal Director, Cindy Cohn, she duly presented him with a real red cape and goggles:

Outstanding. Hearty congratulations to Cory once again, and congrats also to the EFF for being a bloody serious, incredibly important organization that clearly also has a great sense of humor.