We are teaching the Machine

This may be the best five minutes you can spend online this year.

Thanks to my colleague Steve Palmer at 76design for pointing to this beautifully presented explanation of what Doc and Dave Winer have called the Two-way Web.

Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, is clearly an extraordinarily gifted communicator. In this brief, wonderful little video - The Machine is Us/ing Us - he successfully distills the nature and importance of Web 2.0 into something accessible, stirring, even inspiring.

Go watch it right now - five minutes extremely well spent.

Then, if you have more than five minutes to drill deeper, pull that old copy of Small Pieces Loosely Joined down off the shelf, and re-read it. What do you mean you've never read it? You're reading this but you've never read SPLJ? You're kidding, right?