Through a glass, geekily

Funny thing about being a card-carrying geek; it colours the way you look at the world.

I started thinking about this while sitting in the studio audience for a taping of The Rick Mercer Report at the CBC last night. At one point, Rick asked "any technology geeks in the audience?" and my hand shot up in Pavlovian response before I had a moment to think about it. Mine was, of course, the only hand raised in an audience of around 200 people. Look, mommy - a geek! (Rick was introducing a terrific pre-taped Windows Vista skit, btw, which you'll have to watch Tuesday night's show to see.)

Already pondering this moment of geeky self-realisation, I was reminded this morning of another recent episode of pure nerditude - an example of viewing the world through heavy-framed glasses, as it were.

I logged into my server control panel earlier today, to tweak a couple of archive settings, and took a moment to check in on my traffic stats while I was there. Saturday is typically one of the quietest traffic days for this blog, so I was surprised to see a much higher than usual number of unique visitors this morning - more than double the typical traffic volume.

Tracing the sources, it seems that the majority of these new visitors are arriving from a Google search for "Oh number Pi" - leading to this old post, in which I quoted the first couple of stanzas of a witty ode to that most curious of mathematical constants.

Odd. I've no idea what prompted this sudden rash of Pi-fanatic searches.

But back to the point...

We were recently involved in a new business pitch to a pizza company, set to launch a new flagship store in downtown Toronto some time in the next few weeks. Their target launch date was undefined, but expected to be at some point in mid-March. (A test of your own geek-quotient here - if you can already see where this is headed, you're 100% pure geek.)

Now I'm the first to admit that, while I've worked on a number of food and beverage accounts in the past (including MacDonald's and McCain Foods), my real area of expertise is in business and consumer technology. That much is clear.

So, geek that I am, is it any wonder that I suggested to the pizza client they should peg March 14th as their firm launch date?

March 14th. Also known as 3.14. Also known as International Pi Day. No...?

Oh, suit yourselves.

I still think it was a good idea. OK, yes - a very geeky idea. But that's just a product of the way I view the world. YMMV, as every good geek knows.

BTW, if anyone out there can enlighten me as to why so many people might be searching for that particular Pi song, with Pi Day still over a month away, please drop a note in the comments. Most of the visitors seem to be arriving from in and around Clearwater, Minnesota. Class project, perhaps?