Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The answer, for tonight at least, would be Raney Aronson, Lowell Bergman, and PBS Frontline.

The first episode of their four-part documentary, "News War", just finished. Absolutely terrific stuff. Bergman, the Pulitzer-winning lead correspondent for the show, is superb. He's a sharp, attentive listener, and dives in to the discussion with precisely the questions I'd think to ask a few seconds after his mind has already got there.

Kudos to PBS for running the entire show online - you can watch the full first episode from their website, starting tomorrow morning. There's also a live online discussion with the show producer, Raney Aronson, tomorrow morning at 11 Eastern, being hosted by the Washington Post, here. If I wasn't working, I'd be sorely tempted to join in.