Mesh 2007 Unveiled

Heck of a lot going on here at the moment (I believe the expression du jour is "busier than a Baghdad bricklayer"), which explains the lighter-than-usual post frequency. Mea culpa.

Thought I should just pop in with this news, fresh from Mathew Ingram's outbox, that the line up of "keynote conversations" for the Mesh 2007 conference is now up, and that registrations are now open.

The line up of keynotes includes:
  • Michael Arrington, founder/editor of TechCrunch.com, speaking about new media and journalism in the age of the Web
  • Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craigslist.org, talking about how the Web is disrupting traditional business models
  • Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, on the tension between the openness of the Web and traditional marketing
  • Tom Williams, founder of GiveMeaning.com, and Austin Hill, founder of Gifter.org, talking about the Web as a tool for charity.
Should make for a very interesting event indeed. Kudos once again to Mathew, Mark, Rob, Stuart and Mike for pulling together a strong opening line up.