The hottest software development job in NYC?

A friend of mine in New York is recruiting for a couple of senior positions at his new NYC-based startup.

The company is still in stealth mode right now, so I can't reveal too many details about the people behind the firm or the company they're building, but if you fit their criteria you should be all over this opportunity. It really could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

One tiny clue: the co-founder of the firm is the only person I've ever met who carries the invitation-only American Express Centurion card. If you're not sure why this is interesting, click that link. His last startup made him and everyone involved a lot of money.

Here are a few details on the two roles they're looking to fill. If you, or someone you know and trust, would be a good fit for either of these, drop me a note to the usual email address, or pop a comment in below, and I'll connect you with the founder.

Specifically, we are looking for a Vice President of Product Development and a Vice President of Technology to be based in NYC. The job descriptions and requirements are listed below.

The right candidates would be driven, self starters who enjoy a challenge and have or want the experience of building a company from its earliest stages.

VP Product Development:

The VP Product development is responsible for the concept, definition, strategy, planning and release of new products as well as the support of existing products as they are created. This position is responsible for the supervision of product development staff, monitoring of marketplace trends and activities and working within the company departments. This
includes creating policies and goals for the product development function, providing technical leadership and business expertise to bridge the gap between all functions inside the organization as well as driving the definition of the product offering by translating customer needs and technology direction into requirements specifications:

Responsibilities include:
  • Further development of the product vision and strategy
  • Ongoing market research
  • Developing product concept proposals and life-cycle plans for new products
  • Develop detailed product requirements specifications for development by technology functions
  • Develop product pricing proposals
  • Develop and drive new products
  • Provide product training
  • Provide marketing with content to create external message and product positioning including product sheets, presentations, product demos, white papers, sales support tools and more
  • Manage gathering and analysis of information on competing products in the marketplace. Create a process for systematically and consistently gathering competitive intelligence
  • Work with the Technology, marketing, and other functions on all aspects of product specifications, position and release.
Required Skills:
  • BS degree in computer-oriented technical discipline or equivalent experience
  • 6-10 years experience in technology, including 3+ years as a senior manager in Prod Dev.
  • Experience in software development with hands on experience in SDLC, system architectures, programing languages, RDBMSs, decision support and analytical applications, CRM, International, Internet technologies, web services, system development methodologies, requirements gathering
  • Experience in platform development with Internet skills
  • Strong hands on project management, oral and written communications, excellent resource management, and analytical skills, as well as a proven track record in technology requirements and specification definition and product development.
  • Experience with UML including use cases
  • Proven ability to communicate with different functions of the organization and different levels of staff and external partners
  • Strong technical and business skills
  • Proven success of new product launches
VP Technology:

The VP of Technology is responsible for developing system solutions for the company and providing ERP solutions to internal (corporate) users. This position will manage System Development, ERP, QA, System Management, Security and reporting (DBA functions). This role will take the lead on development of our core technology offering. Create core technology products according to CEO's vision. Understand the current market needs and anticipate the change of business needs. Identify new opportunity and realize it with the best technology tools. Componentize product features for rapid new business launching. Establish relationships with the open source communities. Leverage resources from off-shore and open source communities. Position the company's technology and product as the leader in the on-line marketing and multimedia space.

  • Manage the system development and ERP groups along with DBA
  • Create and enforce policies for system development group and ERP group
  • Plan for, hire, train for development needs of company
  • Evaluate, hire and manage outsourced development team
  • Keep up with industry trend for best system development tools, applications servers, and ERP products
  • Manage Software development life cycle
  • Provide Technology know-how support for product development
Create and enforce security policies. Ensure proper data access level for all users: developer, internal business users and external clients. Maintain data integrity in all systems. Ensure checks and balances at various stages of the development. Pass security audits performed by trusted external party.

Manage global 24x7 operations. Design and deploy data centers according to the company's long term goals. Put operations procedures and disaster recovery plan in place to ensure SLA (service level agreement) is satisfied.

Required Skills:
  • BS degree in computer oriented technical discipline or equivalent experience
  • 10+ years of experience in technology, including 3+ years senior management and 3 years technology management
  • Proven success with managing enterprise level projects
  • Proven ability to work well within an organization and communicate between different projects
  • Proven ability to complete projects on time and on budget
  • Experience in software development with hands-on experience with SDLC, system architectures, programing languages, RDBMSs, CRM, ERP, Internet technologies, International, system development methodologies, requirements engineering
  • Strong hands on project management, oral and written communications, excellent resource management and analytical skills, as well as proven track record in technology requirements specification definition and technology
  • Experience with Unified Modeling Language (UML) including use cases
  • Experience with Web Services and other integration technologies
  • Experience building scalable transactional technologies
  • Proven success with managing both in-house and out-sourced enterprise level projects
  • Proven success with designing high throughout and scalable OLTP system
  • Experience with open source software development and collaboration
  • Experience with XML, J2EE, Web Services, Wiki
  • Experience with multimedia content management and delivery