Growing Like Wildfire

Still crazy busy here and feeling a little technologically-challenged at home (yes, the laptop is still dead), but I wanted to grab a few minutes to post this piece of exciting news.

As she's just revealed on her own blog, Tamera Kremer, a leading light in the Toronto social media and interactive marketing communities, has agreed to join the Thornley Fallis crew, working alongside me in the Toronto office.

Tamera gets to carry one of our groovy double-sided business cards, as she's going to be doing double duty for both the Thornley Fallis Communications and 76design sides of our business. Tamera will, in effect, serve as the bridge between the 76design “Love Hub” in Ottawa, and our clients here in Toronto.

I'll confess that I've wanted to figure out a way to hire Tamera from the first time I met her. She's not a traditional PR person, so might not appear - on paper - to be an obvious fit for a firm like ours. But having people like Tamera, Aimee Deziel, and John Sobol spanning the two worlds of our PR and interactive marketing businesses just makes a huge amount of sense to us. It's a testament to the way in which we're continuing to tailor our skill base to keep ahead of the needs of our clients. The lines are blurring; needs are changing, evolving - and that's a good thing.

See you Monday, Tamera!