All Spin All The Time

Antonia Zerbisias alerts us to a must-see program for anyone interested in the way news gets made.

PBS Frontline airs episode one tonight of a four-part series titled "NEWS WAR: SECRETS, SOURCES & SPIN"

As Antonia puts it in this morning's Star: "For those who believe there is no democracy without a strong -- and unleashed -- watchdog, there is nothing else to watch."

Some great stuff already up on the site Frontline has built around this program, with video interviews featuring William Safire, Bill Keller (Editor, The New York Times), Eric Schmidt (yes, the Google guy), Pat Buchanan, John McLaughlin (former senior spook), and "cock-eyed optimist" Jeff Jarvis.

With the CBC's terrific Spin Cycles series still airing, and Terry O'Reilly continuing to dissect and deconstruct the Age of Persuasion, this is a really interesting time to be a media junkie.

BONUS LINK: Jeff Jarvis' excellent response to a piece by Colin Crawford, a Senior Vice President at IDG, on the ongoing transformation of their media business.