Agency-Client Pre-Nuptial Questions

For a little light relief, check out Marilyn Hawkins' entertaining list of questions clients and agencies should really ask each other before they tie the knot.

From the Barks & Bites section of Bulldog Reporter's Daily 'Dog, a couple of examples:

Clients Should Ask:

1. Do you have anyone on your staff who has ever “flogged” for a client? Do you have strict policies in place against these shenanigans? Would you dismiss and publicly name all employees who participated in such scams?

7. Has your firm ever conducted a word-of-mouth campaign for a client where some of the wildly enthusiastic endorsers were not who they purported to be and/or were paid to sing your product’s praises?

Agencies Should Ask:

3. Are there more than three active organizations (with sophisticated sites) devoted the total and utter destruction of your firm?

4. Is anyone employed by the company likely to spout racist, sexist or anti-Semitic remarks after being pulled over on a routine traffic stop or performing at a comedy club?

Good stuff. Couple of nice social meejah digs in there too.