Where are our Luke and John?

Jeneane notes that, even though she was first to break the news of the BubbleShare acquisition this morning, it takes comments from Mathew Ingram and Mark Evans to actually get the news onto Techmeme's radar.

I guess the truth (as one rather mean-spirited and misogynistic commenter at Jeneane's blog pointed out) may be that the Techmeme editors were skewing in favour of a little editorial independence - assuming this was an editorial, not an algorithmic thing. Jeneane and I posted enthusiastic personal congratulations as friends of Albert, whereas Mathew and Mark, naturally, took a more sober and editorial approach (they're journalists - go figure).

There's another indicator in this though. Mathew and Mark have clearly risen to become two of the most influential voices in Canadian tech and business circles - and, by extension, among the most interesting and influential bloggers in North America and beyond. Between them, they represent something of a tech media gospel in Canuckian circles - a post on one of Mathew or Mark's main blogs is kind of the Canadian equivalent of getting TechCrunched or Scobleized.

There's a business opportunity for some entertaining Canadian Valleywag-type in there somewhere. I note that the domain lukeandjohn.ca is still available...

Hmmm... makes me think... if we've got Mathew and Mark, does that make Jeneane our Mary Magdalene...?