Web Developer Wanted

Cross-posting this from a few other places across the company - pardon the commercial interruption, but we need more hands!

Thornley Fallis’ sister company 76design is looking for a full-time web developer with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience to join their talented creative team.

They're looking for a smart, responsible individual who is ready to be a key contributor on some exciting projects (and they are exciting - the 76ers have closed a lot of really cool new business in the last few weeks). The ideal candidate should be equally comfortable talking to computers and to people. He or she is proficient in multiple programming languages, but is also deeply engaged with the social aspects of web culture.

Translation: geeks=good; socially-skilled geeks=very, very good; super-talented but anti-social troglodytes=definitely not good (or should that be "!=good"?).

In other words, the person they're looking for knows what’s happening today and what’s coming down the pipe tomorrow, and can’t wait to get there. He or she is driven to achieve, but is also comfortable working in a collaborative environment, and is bursting with ideas and skills (pretty much exactly like 76design, in other words)

The core technical skills they need are demonstrable expertise in:

- mySQL

Knowledge of one or more of the following is also necessary:

- ColdFusion
- JavaScript
- WordPress
- Ruby on Rails
- Ajax
- podcasting
- advanced web metrics

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the 76design team, email your CV to: jobs@76design.com.