Twice or thrice had I laughed at thee, before I knew thy face or name...

Holy serendipitous small world thingy, Batman!

Been spending a rather odd hour or so, trawling through my entire archive. Long story.

One of the things I happened across in my rambling was a post from October 2002 in which I'd pointed to a snort-inducingly hilarious series of essays posted to a site named Webservile.com

I happened to be up to my eyes in Web Services stuff at the time I wrote that post, working with some clients who were big into .NET, SOAP, UDDI and all that. Really quite horrifically dry, but outrageously hype-laden stuff.

The short-lived Webservile site, purporting to be edited by one "Wilfred Seymour Davis-Larson" (aka WSDL, another Web Services in joke) was a breath of fresh air, featuring such outstanding articles as "Acronym Shortage Threatens Web Services Community" and ".NET Saves Boy Down Well" ("In the early hours of the morning, .NET, Microsoft's platform for XML Web services, saved a five-year-old boy who fell down a well in Ottumwa, Iowa...").

Finding the site no longer active, I Googled around to see if I could find some archive of the stories somewhere. Well blow me down - turns out the perp was none other than Vancouver's own Darren Barefoot.

Sadly, the links to Darren's marvelous Webservile parodies appear to be broken. Perhaps his recent server switchover has b0rked the links. Hey, Darren! What's up with that?

[UPDATE 15 Jan: Darren responds in the comments, with an updated link to the Webservile site, now restored in all it's lunatic glory here]