Trackbacks now working

...at least, I think they are. Only took me six years to figure 'em out.

Sorry that they're currently popping up in a separate window - I've had to go with a 3rd-party plugin. Blogger hasn't properly supported native trackbacks until their implementation of "Backlinks" in the latest, just released version of the code (they just had to call them something different - wouldn't do to give Ben and Mena any recognition. Meh.)

Alas, my efforts to get Blogger's own trackback code working kept completely wrecking my template, so I gave up. That's when I discovered that my long-time 3rd-party comments system, Haloscan, has its own trackback plugin. Neat!

The install system on Haloscan's site is a tad odd. They provide a specific auto install script for the new version of Blogger, but it wouldn't work for me at all. So I flipped to the install instructions for the old version of Blogger, and they worked like a charm.

Still hoping to get the native Blogger version working some how, but don't hold your breath.