Slow Bloggage

Apologies for the lighter-than-usual blog output of late.

As you can imagine, we were rather busy celebrating Christmas in the O'Connor Clarke household in the last week or so - plenty of carousing, wassailling (sp?) and general making of merriment, precious little of our precious family time to spend on reading or posting in blogland. Christmas at home with three kids is a hoot. Glad to report that Santa delivered wishes galore all round, the turkey was a success (although another 24 hours in the brining mix wouldn't have hurt), and La Belle Saucisse outdid herself in the desert department with not one but two of her fantastic Trifles.

I had planned to start the year off well with some blog posts full of predictions, speculations, resolutions and such like, but I'm afraid I was struck down by the dreaded plurghs on New Year's Eve, and have been reduced to lying around sounding just barely more alive than Dick Clark in the last few days.

I did manage to gargle sufficient tea to clear my voice just long enough that I was able to warm Terry Fallis' usual seat alongside Dave Jones for this week's InsidePR podcast. Terry is off on a cruise with the family, and I was delighted to try to fill his shoes for this one episode, although you can probably tell, if you listen to it, that I'm only partially sentient and struggling to be coherent. Sorry Terry, just not as adept at this stuff as you.

Hoping to be back in the saddle properly by tomorrow - this enforced indolence is driving me nuts, and the work is piling up. In the meantime, a very, very Happy New Year to you all. Normal service will be resumed...