MmmHmmm... a list you have. Good this is.


It would appear that I'm...er... Yoda.

Or, at least, "The Yoda of Canadian Marketing Blogs", according to this remarkable list compiled by Sean "BuzzCanuck" Moffit (aka Agent Wildfire).

I'm flattered. Sean has chosen to include me in what he's hoping will become the canonical list of marketing communications blogs in Canada. He's calling it Canada's 1% Blogging Army. Neat idea. You'll have to visit Sean's post to understand the name.

As Sean does say that his choice of handles for the 150 or so bloggers on the list is "not meant to offend but to compliment," I'm inclined to thank him for comparing me to "arguably the wisest and most powerful Jedi of all time".

I'm sure the fact that (compared to many of the other, more fresh-faced bloggers on the list) I'm old, short, and wrinkled, had absolutely nothing to do with it. Er... right.

When 42 years old you reach, look as good you will not.