Gnu York Gnosh Up

(Soundtrack graciously provided by Flanders & Swann)

I'm going to be in New Yawk most of next week for this AlwaysOn Media shindig, and have exchanged vague muttering noises with a couple of people about the possibility of getting together for grub, cups of tea, or other forms of socially-consumed sustenance.

Being the gregarious (or perhaps that's "annoying" - YMMV) type, I thought I'd throw my arms wide and see if I can encompass a few other online friends, colleagues, ne'er-do-wells, and hangers on (sorry, that should read: " influencers and A-Listers").

Rick Murray already suggested in the comments that we should "should find a corner of some pub and hash the SMPR thing out" (I'm hoping and trusting Rick won't want to find a particularly dark corner to bash my own thing out, after that last post I wrote about his boss).

Also, my new online friend Jerry Bowles, co-founder of the excellent Social Media Collective lives in the neighbourhood and has offered to point us in the right direction for good eats at a price that won't have too many of us shaking our heads and muttering "New York - feh!".

So what say we find an evening, a table or two, and a reasonable supply of both vegetarian and beastitarian foodstuffs, then set about putting the World to rights and attempting to unscrew the inscrutable?

Of course, if your supersaturated schedules are already suitably swamped with social sessions surrounded by serious and significant speakers and senior executives, feel free to scorn (or sympathetically sidestep) this supernumerary's suggestion.

Suit yerselves.

Short version: I'm in town, perhaps you are too. If you're in the mood to break bread in a social media style-ee, drop a comment here or by email (michaelocc AT gmail DOT com). I promise to keep the alliteration to a minimum.