Dell-less in Gotham


Like flies to wanton boys are laptop hard drives to the gods. For the second time in the last six months, I have a hosed machine making funny clunky noises when I try to boot.

This is bad. I'm sitting in the business centre of a New York hotel right now, down here for the next three days to attend a heavily bloggable conference. Worse than that, I have a metric shed load of work to do while I'm here, including building a new biz pitch for first thing Thursday morning.

Arrgggghhhh Squared.

The good news is that at least I have most of the stuff I need on my handy thumbdrive. Bad news, of course, is that the thumbdrive lacks some most of the other things I need - you know, the little things like a screen, keyboard, copy of PowerPoint...

I have a reasonably light morning tomorrow, so I'm going to see if I can find somewhere to diagnose and/or fix the trusty Dell. Three days out of the office and completely off the grid is not my idea of fun - well, not unless it was planned to be a vacation, which this most surely isn't.

This is Arrgggghhhh Cubed.

If you're reading this, and you need to reach me in the next few days, please: don't rely on email. Call my cell. If you've ever received email from me in the past, you have the number.

Off now to gnash my teeth a little more.