Captcha Your Market

Great minds apparently do think alike, sometimes (yeah, and "fools seldom differ", I know...)

Jean-Yves Stervinou and Seth Godin both seem to have arrived at almost the exact same devilishly brilliant new marketing idea within days of each other.

The idea: using "captchas" as a branding vehicle. As Seth says: "Everyone has this stuff now. Comments, sign ups, it's everywhere. We only want people, not computers. But it's way way too hard to decipher the writing.

What we need is a centralized captcha server that everyone can use for free. And how would it be monetized, you ask?

Easy. Logos.

It might be for soup or a server or an airline...

Type the brand you see above, please."

Jean-Yves arrives at almost exactly the same thought, but instead of posting, he demonstrates: