BBC Geek Week 2.0 opts for online over TV

The BBC's venerable Newsnight program is currently running its second annual Geek Week series of films "from the cutting edge of technology".

As the Beeb's site points out: "We like to embrace new media here at Newsnight, and in a BBC TV News first we are putting all the Geek Week films out on the website and as podcasts before they air on television. How geeky is that?"

Very groovy.

Not part of Geek Week, per se, but also worthy of note is that Newsnight now runs regular special reports from Salam Pax, the original Baghdad blogger.

I well remember how truly strange it was to read Salam when he was first posting from downtown Baghdad during the early weeks of the shock and awe campaign. I remeber the fear when his posts dried up for three months, and the relief when he found a way to get back online through the help of an American journalist. Good stuff back then, even more interesting to re-read some of it and watch his new reports now.

[Hat tip to my brother, Gerard, for the Geek Week link]