Want to lead?

I'm only slightly over a month into the new gig at Thornley Fallis, and things are going bonkers.

That's a good thing, btw. A very, very good thing.

Busier than a moth in a mitten. It's all good.

But I need help. Yes, I know... [insert lame therapy-related joke here].

Want to join the team? Want to work inside one of the smartest, most clueful PR firms in Canada?

Abandon ye the drudgery of your moribund flackshop; come over to the dark side of the force. Wait! No - that's wrong. Um...

Look: there's a bunch of really smart people, free pop & snacks, great clients, a big new business pipeline, all the social media goodness you can handle, outstanding bonus system - you'd like it here. Ping me and I'll explain further.

Oh, I should point something out - in order to get hired at Thornley Fallis you need to be in possession of:

a. more than one brain cell;
b. a personality (no recent charisma-bypass patients, please - but no over-the-top fluffy bunnies either), and;
c. a really solid body of experience - I don't really need junior staff right now, I need ass-kicking seniors. People who want my job.

Plus, of course, you need to be able to write like you're bleeding diamonds onto a page of silk, and never, ever treat a journalist as the "them" to your "us" - that dog don't hunt.

Know anyone like this? Send them my way.