My 2.5 year old iPod has, sadly, ceased to be a portable device. It now sits pretty much permanently in the Bose SoundDock in the kitchen, where it is still an essential and well-loved part of the daily soundtrack of our lives.

Alas, the sodding thing (podding thing?) suffers from the well-known battery failure issue that affected so many of the early generation iPods - it won't hold a charge for much more than 20 minutes, and has a tendency to shut down for no apparent reason even when the battery is supposedly fully charged.

I was about to dive into an extended grumble about this, having heard through the webvines that there's no easy, affordable fix for the problem. After a couple of minutes of Googling, however, it appears that there may indeed be a fix.

Used to be that Apple would quote almost as much to repair out-of-warranty iPods as it costs to purchase a new one - but it seems they've changed their policy at some point in the recent past, and now offer battery replacements for rather less than they used to charge. This page lists battery replacement at $69 (plus $10.77 shipping). Might be worth checking that out - it's still cheaper than springing for a new podule.

Or I guess I could try to find a mains cable long enough to stretch from home to my office...