Five Things You Don't Know About Me

I've got at least seven other posts lined up in my head - things I must and will write at some point in the next day or so - but I'm afraid Donna Papacosta just wiped out my focus for the next 30 minutes by tagging me with this "Five Things You Don't Know About Me" thing. As Mitch Joel just said, it's kind of "the social media equivalent of a chain letter", but what the heck - I'll play...

1. My full name is Michael Antony John O'Connor Clarke, but the O'Connor part wasn't always there. When Leona and I married, we agreed to knit our names together - she was the O'Connor part, I was the Clarke, hence: O'Connor Clarke (no hyphen, but remember the 'e' please). John is my Confirmation name, btw.

2. I once turned down legendary football star Bobby Charlton's autograph. I was very young, probably only three or four years old. He was signing photos in Birmingham department store Rackhams, and I got separated from my two older brothers in front of me in the line. By the time the security guy let me through to see Sir Bobby, I was in tears and told him clearly that I didn't want an autograph, "I just want my Mom!" Oh, the shame!

3. I hate socks. If I could go the whole year without ever donning a pair, I'd be happy. But I chose to live in Canada. Not really an option up here.

4. One of my very first jobs was working behind the bar in the biggest Indian restaurant in Birmingham (the Kashmir, in the old Tivoli Centre, Yardley). A typical shift was 9pm till midnight on Friday and/or Saturday nights. I was 15. My Dad was the bouncer. There's a veritable lode of stories from that period of my life, for sure.

5. I was lead singer in a (terrible) post-punk band from around '77 to '81.

Phew. OK, so now I'm supposed to tag some other unfortunates. Hmmm...

Jeneane Sessum, might play. Colin McKay probably will too. Chris Locke, the original Chief Blogging Officer, will most likely snort at the whole idea (even though there are at least 5 gazillion things we'd all really like to know about him). Fascinated to see what Frank Paynter might offer up. And finally, Daisy is usually game for a meme, although her blog seems to have got a bit stuck about a month ago.

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