Vote Early, Vote Often

[This post is mainly for my Mum, who will be really quite inordinately proud and all lovely and smoochy about it if I win.]

Voting opens today for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards.

This blog has been nominated in the category of "Best Business Blog" (thanks Sheena!).

Voting is open to all, AFAIK, and you can vote once a day, every day throughout the entire first round (until November 23rd).

While trying to decide who deserves your vote, I would like to remind you - entirely in passing, of course - that I just happen to have access to a near-constant supply of high-quality British chocolate (mmmmm...Bournville...Dairy Milk...). Oh, and I pledge never to raise your taxes. Read my lips.

I'm encouraged to note that the voting form for the awards has been created by Diebold, with auditing provided by Arthur Andersen. So that's all good then.